If you are an active internet user then I’m sure you would have come across a word, doing rounds all over social media and news in the last couple of weeks, i.e. Net Neutrality. There’s a big debate happening all over the world on this issue, especially in India. Net neutrality is nothing but a concept to treat all data on the internet equal. To simplify, if you want to read an article on a e-newspaper or on a startup’s blog, it’s a choice that you must make and not your internet service provider.

Net Neutrality in India

Lately, what the network giants are planning to do is charge differentially from users in order to access certain apps/websites or even block content from particular platforms. So it simply means that our freedom is being taken away. We will no longer be able to access the internet like before. It might even mean you might not be able to access our blog the same way, which is the main reason behind this article.

Here’s a great video from the guys at AIB which simplifies the whole idea of net neutrality –

Internet is a powerful tool used by people all around the world for various day to day things. It’s our responsibility to save it from the hands of those who are just looking for ways to make more money. It’s a win-win situation for the network providers as they will be able to extort money from users and businesses. But we, the users will be in a big loss.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Send responses to TRAI using the website savetheinternet.in and ask everyone you know to do so.
  • Share this article/video and ask your friends to tell their friends to share this too.

We have just 4 days left to do our bit and support net neutrality in India because on 24th April,2015 TRAI will see all our responses and decide on the future of the way we use Internet. So let’s hurry and do our bit. #SaveTheInternet

Love N Luck

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