It was November 1st yesterday and my social feed was filled with the hashtag #NoShaveNovember, especially from the boys. Clearly, people are just interested in growing a ‘beard’ because its the new cool fashion accessory for men and not many even have a slight idea about what is Movember.

I thought to list down all that you need to know about #NoShaveNovember, so you don’t just be part of a fad but actually make a difference.

1: First things first. Its Movember not Beardember. Grow a Mo (moustache) not a beard.


2: Movember is a yearly event run by Movember Foundation to promote awareness about health issues in men such as depression, prostate cancer etc.


3: Movember, as the website says, is all about “changing the face of men’s health”


4: Let that Mo grow! Grown moustaches is a visual representation of marking the Movember event.


It’s not just about your moustaches but to raise a charity fund. Sign up here and be a part of this movement in the right sense.