Hola men! Time to get shopping because I did some good research for you guys. Well, my brother is always whining about his clothes, especially his t-shirts. He is bored of wearing the usual sober colors to work, having to choose from polo necks or plain roundies. He is constantly buying new clothes, getting bored of them and shoving them aside. (Yes, he did shop more than me so this post :/). I went to visit him last week and this is what I found – Blacks, whites and navy blues! No wonder he is so bored of his monotonous wardrobe. And I bet a lot of you guys too face the same problem! Hence, here I am to your rescue.
While a lot of you will avoid wearing colors to work, there are a few of them (colors) you can be rest assured are a safe bet, for work and otherwise. There are a few must have colored tshirts for Indian men!

Chrome Yellow

It’s a pigment of yellow, mixed with a little orange and a little brown. Well, atleast that is how I describe it! Not too bright neither too dull and hence can be worn on multiple occasions. You can obviously go for solid colored ones but I really love the graphic tees in chrome yellow, it’s youthful and yet calming! Just like this printed round neck tee.

tshirts for Indian men

Powder blue

Men in blue have been ruling the world now, isn’t it? So there is no doubt blue wouldn’t be counted as the hottest color for Indian men! The days of wearing sky blues and royal blues and navy blues are out; make way for the super cool powder blue. It’s soft, sober and just about the right amount of color. If you are blessed with a toned body, go for a slim fit polo. There is no way you will not be on everyone’s lust list 😉

tshirts for Indian men

Crimson Red

Red can be really flattering on Indian men. While the bright blood red version may not be everyone’s choice (it stings my eye too!), there are many reds one can choose from. Brick red, dark red, maroons, rust, carmine, orange -red, etc. there are oodles to choose from. But the safest would be a crimson red tshirt as it is just the right shade of red.

tshirts for Indian men

Shades of Grey

Even my first thought was Christian Grey 😉 . So yes, there are ample shades of grey one can choose from, depending on your mood or occasion or just like that. Greys can be worn with solid blacks for a more sophisticated look, with colored trousers for a semi formal look, with denims for a casual look or with white shorts for a really laid back look! It’s by far the most versatile color I can think of.

tshirts for Indian men

Jet Black

You really think I would leave out black from this list right? Like how we girls need an LBD in our wardrobes, ever guy must own a FBT (Fitted Black Tee). Wow! I just made up a term 😀


Going and buying colored tshirts can be annoying as not every brand has every color. Well, here’s the good news! Askme Bazaar has this pack of tshirts in 7 different colors and that too at such a reasonable rate that it would be heartbreaking if you don’t own it!
So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Love N Luck