Okay ladies, lets face it! We have all been there, at fancy stores like Titan Eye Plus or street side stalls trying out 100’s of sunglasses to get our hands on that one perfect pair. Most of us only go forth for the current trends or colors or styles, but we rarely think about the shape of the frame, which really makes all the difference.  What if there is a way to better understand the most suitable sunglasses for your face shape and filter out the choices accordingly?

sunglasses for your face shape

That is exactly what this post is about – How to find that perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape!

Here’s a quick guide to finding out what style would best suitable for your face shape, which can broadly be categorised into 5  –

Round Face

Characterised by its softness, round faces miss the elegance of sharp, defining edges. Hence, while picking a sunglass for round face, go for frames which are edgy and sharp and add a dimension to your entire face.sunglasses for your face shape

Square Face

Square shaped faces find it a little tricky to pick the perfect sunglass style. Characterised by a defined jawline and forehead, it’s the exact opposite of what suits the round faces. Opt for curved, rounded and soft-edged frames to make the face shape look more even.sunglasses for your face shape

Heart Face

Heart shaped faces generally have a wider forehead. Therefore, the perfect pair of glasses for a heart shaped face are the ones which helps take the attention off the forehead. Opt for wider shaped frames and steer away from small frame sizes.

sunglasses for your face shape

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, chances are your friends already hate you ‘coz you are the blessed one! It’s a cakewalk to style an oval face as almost all kind of shapes and sizes suit the oval shaped faces. Just go ahead with the current celebrity trend already!sunglasses for your face shape

Triangle Face

A triangle face is almost similar to the heart shaped face, but with a wider jawline. Opt for big sized frames drawing attention upwards as they are a safe bet to compliment that jawline. sunglasses for your face shape

Hope this guide on how to find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape helps you save some time!

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