November just passed by and all that I heard around on the internet was ‘No Shave Movember’. Errr… Do men need Movember to grow that sexy massive beard? Really? May be the styles sported by these men will change your mind! And they don’t need no Movember to flaunt it. 🙂


There is nothing more breathtaking than seeing a crazy man with a crazy beard. Trimmed, tamed and twisted, the age old tradition of ‘ Indian Mardaangi’ is now a fashion accessory. Sleek combed hair, crisp shirt and a piercing gaze, that’s all that a man needs to rule! And if that’s not inspiring enough, then let me remind you that Ram swooned his Leela over with this very beard.

robert downey beard style

If sleek is your style then look no further from the Iron Man himself. A line here and a line there and voila! Who said looking dapper is a tough image to maintain? Not to forget this style also contours your face and makes you look sharper featured!

aditya roy kapoor beard

Nothing is sexier than looking like a bed head! As much as I love my curls when I wake up (:D), I love this man’s unkempt haven’t-shaved-for-2-days look! Just apt for the lazy shabby man. My obsession with him dates back to his curly haired VJ-ing days. The one thing that did not change is that stubble and that heart-melting gaze. Ok, enough said, just shave and sleep tonight and wait for 2-3 days for magic to happen 😉

Pranav beard style

Isn’t this what exactly Movember stands for? No shaving at all and still looking like the hottest human alive? There is nobody who does it better than Pranav from Huemn. The whole year is his Movember. He owns the bushy-overgrown-yet-tamed bearded look! A clean haircut is what will save you from looking like a complete bear if you are thinking about giving this look a shot.

george Clooney beard

So you are already middle aged and think that life is over for you? Greying hair, crow’s feet around your eyes and not to forget a busy work life. Why not have ‘ageing gracefully’ as an option? Having a greyish-whitish-blackish shaded beard is one of the classiest look a man can wear. Afterall, being a gentleman never goes out of style!

Oh! Before we end this handsome list, lets not forget our very own Abhilash sports a mighty bearded look too!

Abhilash LR beard style

Guess now we all agree why its totally correct to say ‘A real man needs no #Movember to wear a beard’!

Love N Luck

PS: We claim no rights to the above images.