Pop Swatch

Watches stand for two F-words and it is not what you think, corrupt souls 😀 They are Fashion and Functionality. But in this digital age, it is sad to see watches replaced by sleek smart phones. Believe me when I say when one wears a watch, a woman turns into a Lady and a man into a Gentleman.

But Swatch, the venerated Swiss wrist watch brand is on its way to make watches the next “in-thing” with its new collection ‘POP’. Add to that, a splash of phantasmogoric colours to add all that jazz to your outfit!Pop Swatch

‘Create the unexpected’ is the idea behind this new Pop Swatch collection. They give you the watch and it is upon you to yield your inner Fashionista and Style-diva to cook up a new style that can be the next upcoming trend. The watch comes with an adjustable clip that you can use to attach to a variety of surfaces. My hands are already itching and my mind is buzzing with ideas! Maybe I can use it like a brooch or clip it to my backpack that I take to college!

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As soon as I saw the colours they are available in, I could feel myself vibin’- classic black and white for monochrome, exuberant Yellow, poppy Orange, hot Pink, breezy Blue and more.Pop Swatch

Though priced a little steep at INR 5800, this hot new thing is our favourite arm candy.

I am most excited about the accessories that you can buy along with the wrist watch to suit your idiosyncratic needs – a desk clock? a necklace? a pocket watch? a wall clock? You have it all.

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This is a refreshing idea and I am ready to POP. Are you?