Along with a new year starts new resolutions, promises, wishlists and so on! I have mine too! Here’s a list of my wardrobe wishlist.
Statement Neckpieces – Elegant, bold, chic, edgy, classic, dainty, and a lot more do these collar necklaces speak!
Grab your style or DIY ur own. *tutorials will be up soon*


Pastels & Studs – what better way than to club them on your wrists.
Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 6.12.36 pm
Color Blocking – say goodbye to dull days!
colour blocking runway
Emerald – royalty at its best! Its the new black.


Velvet Oxblood Pallazo Pants – Do I need to say more? 😛
velvet pallazo pants- oxblood
Military – And I want these and “only these”!!!
White Heels – classy as well as trendy, white tweed wedges are what I want. Its my new nude 😉
and these lace and pearl ones …

wedge_heel_lace_pearl_slippers_1-2Fox Jewellery – Aint these lil cunning things cute? 0A99FD3F

fantastic_fox_necklace_600_x_600_grande70’s Maddy Frames – Cuz the world is round 😀

185682_10151059419724649_1146098428_n maddy

Confidence –  along with ATTITUDE and a SMILE 🙂
Tell me your wishlist and may be I could help you get some!
*psst- giveaways on the way 😉

Love N Luck