The word ‘politician’ confines our thoughts to a picture of a person wearing khadi kurta, a white pajama and Gandhi topi. But Modi has gone out of his way and proven himself to be much more than just a ‘mantri’. He may soon turn out to be the political world’s fashion dictator.

Modi Fashion

Since his claiming of the throne, and even before it, he has made wise choices and got everyone’s eyes fixed on him, even fashion wise. Now, can you actually deny the strong presence of this person in the Indian scenario? For me, I think he is till date the best dressed Prime Minister India has ever seen. From bold colors to fitted silhouettes, he has what it takes to be talked about. I am pretty excited to see what he will be wearing on his upcoming US tour!

For now, lets soak in the Modi fashion wave.


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Oh yes, it’s his 64th birthday and we couldn’t think of a better day to decode his style. Why always stick to Bollywood when we have such a smart and confident Prime Minister?

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Love N Luck

*Images – Faking News

– Reeneta