It’s that time of the year again when I don’t really know what is going on but I am still glued to the television with my brothers not to understand the match but to see young hot men! 😀 Call that stalking or even leching (eww!), but yes, Indian cricketers have come a long way from being clad in ill-fitted jerseys or the traditional suit-boot off pitch. These men in blue are now looked up to as style icons. My favorites? Here they are!

MS Dhoni


Umm, I remember watching him play when I was in school with those pin straight locks swaying to and fro and yes; it did give me mini heart attacks! No one can deny him the credits for making so many men’s hairstyles popular. And did you guys forget the extravagant sports bikes he would flaunt around town?  He is the first man to bring fashion to the sport and has consistently upped the standards too! Like right now, he is the handsome dad of a baby girl with speckles of grey on his head. Now who can carry off something like that so easily? I guess he is the David Beckham of cricket, don’t you?

Virat Kohli


Whenever I hear his name it burns me. I mean, this guy is just 26 and is ruling the world and here I am still playing dress up! 😀 He is blessed with such good looks, a strong persona and probably the bubbliest arm candy that you just cannot exclude him from this list. Ok, that entire aside, he has gone a step further and curated a clothing line for men called WROGN. Do I need to say more?

Ravindra Jadeja


Frankly, the only way I recognize this man is by his voluptuous curvy moustache! He really does bring that rustic Indian look with that ruffled hair, shabby beard and that mighty moustache.

Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid

I don’t know what’s exactly his age but he can single handedly give a tough competition to the ones mentioned above. Clean tailored suits and crisp smart clothes, his boyish charisma still intact, he is one man who will rule hearts with those twinkling eyes forever! He was and will always be the best looking player of Indian cricket.

These men have been making headlines not just for their cricket but also for their fashion, and yes it’s catching up with all other players too. After all, who does not like the limelight?

Love N Luck

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