Jacquard by Google

We all remember Amitabh  Bacchan dancing to the tunes of ‘Saara zamaana haseeno ka diwana’ as lights on his jacket flickered to the rhythm of that song. Needless to say, we have all come a long way even though we still stop a bit from time to time to think if  Mr Amitabh Bacchan was ever electrocuted while shooting  for that song.

It is the 21 century. Technology has made things possible which we could have never thought of until some time ago.

Breakthroughs have become daily occurrences but have you ever wondered how does someone come across an invention or a breakthrough? It is through our daily lives. Scientists and innovators have a keen eye for human lives. They study our daily lives and identify those needs that aren’t fulfilled or could be made more convenient and thereby is born an invention or breakthrough.

Google and Levi’s have done something similar and come up with an idea of a ‘connected jacket’. We all have had instances where we went out for cycling round our neighbourhoods while our earphones were plugged in but we had to stop once or twice to pick a call or change a song, thereby taking our attention off the streets making us prone to accidents.Jacquard Google Levi's

Google’s ATAP ( Advanced technology and projects) had announced Project Jacquard in 2015 and now, they have decided to collaborate with Levi’s to bring out the ‘Connected Jacket’. You’ll have multi-touch sensors embedded in the jacket that will allow you to answer calls, navigate, play songs and do much more with a swipe on your jacket sleeve. Innovative, isn’t it? And if you are thinking this is a distant reality then let me tell you, this jacket is going into beta testing this year and shall be widely available for purchase in 2017.

Tåechnology has seen an unprecedented growth in the last century and there is many more to come. I mean we already have the Occulus Rift that takes us into virtual reality!Jacquard Google Levi's