I am not going into the details of how and why one should choose their clothes based on their body shape. Don’t mistake it for me saying that “you can only wear this!”. In fact, learning and knowing about your body and enhancing it is also very much “body positivity”. After all, you are only making your body look even more beautiful!

Its easier said than done but when you often face your wardrobe or go shopping, don’t you feel lost? Its been so many times that I see a certain kurti on a model or a mannequin and try it on, but it ends up looking bleh! And while people do buy dresses and tops based on their body shape, I have never seen anyone buying a kurti which suits their body type. Needless to say, I compiled a few styling tips on kurti for women of different body shapes.

Apple Shaped Body


Characteristics : Rounded shoulders, average to big bust, fullness around the middle, flattish butt & good strong legs.Kurti-for-apple-shaped-body-

Style tips :

  • Kurtis that are of darker shades.
  • Try to stick to Cotton and silk fabrics as they do not cling to the body.
  • Simple A-line kurtis that flow seamlessly.
  • Necklines that are V-shaped or embellished so to draw attention to the much endowed bust.
  • Kurtis with embroideries around the hem and shoulder design.
  • Flared and cuffed sleeves.

Banana Shaped Body


Characteristics : Straight shoulder line and rib cage, straight hips and butt, subtly defined waist & average tummy.Kurti-for-banana-body

Style tips :

  • For a body shape like that, wear kurtis with broad & deep neck.
  • Create a definition of your waist by opting for belts over the kurti.
  • Choose kurtis that give an illusion of a curvy silhouette.
  • Anarkalis or kurtis made of heavy fabric will add that much needed volume.
  • Go for slimmer and sleeker bottoms like churidars and legging.
  • Kurtis with a nipped or clinched waist.
  • You can also try kurtis with front placket, panel detailing or pleats.


Pear Shaped Body


Characteristics: Full hips and thighs and may be saddle bags, defined waist, shoulders narrower than the hips and smaller upper body.Kurtis-for-pear-shaped-body

Style tips :

  • Darker lowers paired with lighter kurtis will draw attention to the torso.
  • Anarkalis and kurtis with flare.
  • Necklines that work well for this body shape are collar pattern, boat neck and square neck style.
  • Textured or printed kurtis draws attention to the upper body.
  • Go for sleeves that make your arms look fuller like bishop and rouched.
  • Add length to your body by wearing straight cut long kurtis.


Hourglass Shaped Body


Characteristics: A defined waist, a defined bust & a neat bottom and hips.

Style tips :Kurtis-for-hourglass-shaped-body

  • You are blessed! You can carry off almost all types and styles of kurti.
  • Kurtis that define the waist suits your body shape the best.
  • Choose kurtis with a good fit with a flare.
  • Take attention away from your heavy bust by wearing deep necks that streamline the chest area.
  • Pair your kurtis with pallazos or straightcut bottoms to add length.
  • Keep away from ill fitted kurtis that hide you gorgeous curves.


Inverted Triangle Shaped Body


Characteristics: A smaller bottom half than the top, no definition between waist and hips, straight and squared shoulder line.Kurtis-for-inverted-triangle-shaped-body

Style tips :

  • Raglan sleeve kurtis tend to create and illusion of a more evenly distributed curves.
  • Here too, choose kurtis that define the waist.
  • Flared kurtis that fit well at the bust.
  • Deep low necklines helps take attention away from the broad shoulders.
  • Choose longer kurtis that do not hug the hips.
  • Wear layered lowers like patiala or skirts with short kurtis.
  • Anything with strong shoulder detailing or high necklines should be preferably avoided.

Now the next question is, where do you find such a wide variety of kurtis? BIBA is your answer!

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Love N Luck

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