Everyone around the world is now chanting FIFA! And why not? Its starting tomorrow! Irrespective of whether someone is a football fanatic or not, everyone watches it. Some for the pure love of football, and some for the glamour quotient this sport carries. Ofcourse, we mean the players! Hot men, who can resist 😉 They oomph up the glam factor on-field with their dribble tricks and kicks, their crazy tattoos and delightful hairstyles! So this time, all you men, rejoice!

We have a series of famous footballer hairstyles decoded for you.

  • David Villa

    This cutie from Spain who plays as a striker, has been sporting a messy yet gelled straight spikes for quite sometime now. What stands out is his teeny weeny bit of hair right below his lower lip. That’s been his staple. Other than that, he has also been spotted in some messy fringes (yea guys can have them too!) and angled side comb with no parting.

David Villa

  • Cesc Fabregas

    He plays central midfielder, team captain for the Premier League team Arsenal as well as a member of the Spanish national team. One of the most popular hairstyles among his fans was the mullet. This hairstyle consists of the hair being cut short on top and sides while growing it out long in back. Some of his other styles have been the faux hawk, where the sides are just clipped but not shaved, and an out of bed all spiked up look.

Cesc Fabregas

  • Kyle Robert Beckerman

    He is an American soccer player holding midfielder for Real Salt Lake and US National Team and also serves as team captain for Real Salt Lake. His dreadlocks are the perfect adornment for a long square-shaped face.The fullness of his locks helps to round out his rectangular structure. Perfect for guys who like the ungroomed look, the dreads hairstyle is the ideal way to create a softer, gentler look.

Kyle Robert Beckerman

  • Neymar Jr

    The Brazilian superstar who also plays for Barcelona as a forward or winger, there are many who make fun of this hottie’s hair, but trust me its so cool! Its like a mix of fringes and spikes and mohawk and mullet. And not surprising, its called the “Neymar Crest”. But doesn’t he look the cutest with his pin-straight fringes?

Neymar Jr

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    Firstly, I have no words to describe this man. Captain of the Portuguese team and also playing for Real Madrid as a forward, he has been my heart-throb since my childhood days! I have been stupidly following him since his Sporting Lisbon days and can proudly say that I have been one of his biggest and longest lasting and also the most loyal fan 😀 This scorcher has been experimenting with a lot of men’s short hairstyles. For his oh-so-sexy tousled hair, just take some wax on your fingertips, work it up your hair and then give the ends direction that you want. I particularly like his angled faux hawk. And I would really like to see him in a stubble! I wonder how will I stop my heart then from thumbing out loud 😀

Cristiano Ronaldo

  • David Beckham

    He is undoubtedly the “God of men’s hairstyles”. It is a little sad indeed to not see this never ageing hunk take his famous banana kick anymore, but we CANNOT leave him out of this list whatsoever! What has he not sported till date? From mohawks to long sleek ponytails to middle parted long hair to the mafia look, Beckham has had it all. For quite a long time he has been really sorted and disciplined with his hairstyles. Does that mean a shocker is on its way? We will just have to wait and watch!

David Beckham


So here is our choice of FIFA Hairstyles for Men. All you men reading this, if you think you have an even better hairstyle than all of them (and more), please do let us know in comments below!

Love N Luck