Every month, other than our salaries, we also wait for one  more thing – Magazine Covers! Ok movies too, but magazine cover stories interest me more (and why not). They evoke many emotions in us – happy, empowered, sad, inspired, etc. But THIS one make me cry! Cry because it is so crazy. Yea, my heart is bleeding with joy and happiness and everything good one can think of! This has to be one of the most devastatingly crazy badass photoshoot Rihanna has ever done! Phew, I have always loved this woman, I just love her so much more now. Have a look –




Rihanna-jaws-harpers bazaar

Rihanna-jaws-harpers bazaar

She does make swimming with the big fishes look so breath-taking! I wonder if this can motivate me enough to go scuba diving anytime soon.

Love N Luck