Ashley Graham – if you aren’t familiar with this name, you are bound to conjure up an image of a 1.78 meter tall model with shiny hair and protruding collar bones teetering in high heels like Gigi Hadid in Zayn Malik’s single Pillow Talk that took the world by storm due to their sizzling chemistry.

But you are wrong! This time it is different and better!

We all remember Joe Jonas, don’t we? That cute guy with side swept bangs from those Camp rock days on Disney. A member of the Jonas Brothers and the heart-throb of many. He is back as the lead singer of DNCE and let me tell you, the band has had a flourishing start. The world is already tapping its feet to their first single ‘Cake by the Ocean’ but it is their second single ‘Toothbrush’ that has garnered positive attention. Why? Because DNCE decided to cast Ashley Graham, a ‘plus size’ lingerie model opposite Joe as his love interest in their MV.joe jonas ashley graham music video plus sizeAt first, the pair seems odd. This stems from years and years of watching girls with perfect bodies but as you progress through the video, you wonder why did anybody not come up with this earlier?

I remember a TED talk by Lily Bustle where she went on to explain that ‘fat’ is just an adjective she uses to describe herself, just how others use tall, short, slim, thin, but she understands that the word ‘fat’ has gained a negative connotation over the years and she doesn’t know why.Plus size girls Motivation lillina bustleMedia is highly under representative of diversity in terms of size, race and more. But Joe Jonas has set the mark with his new MV which is to remain in my memory for years to come. Not to say, I have rediscovered by teenage crush on him again!

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