Travel Blog India | Lavasa Weekend trip

Weekends are a bliss for the working class! And if you can manage to take a quick refreshing trip over it, there is nothing more ecstatic and triumphant.

My brother came down to meet me a few days back and while most of my weekends go by sleeping, this weekend he took the lead. A google search – Things to do in Lavasa made him all excited 😀  I have been to Lavasa before but never stayed there. It was just a drive, lunch, a stroll and back. This time though, we booked a bungalow on the hilltop at Lavasa and stayed over.

Lavasa Weekend trip itinerary travel blog IndiaView from the bungalow

Lavasa is for the comfort loving. If you are someone who is into adventure and thrilling, adrenaline rushing experiences, find another place.

Though Lavasa too has adventure sports, its such a calm and cozy place that you really wouldn’t want to be hyperactive. The one activity though that I would suggest you to do is to go cycling. They have an amazing collection of cycles and you can rent them from INR 100 per 20 minutes.

Lavasa is an expensive place. The villas are expensive, the food is expensive, they even have an entry fee to the city! However, incase you want to save a few bucks (actually a few thousand bucks), carry some maggi or instant cooking stuff with you. All the villas as well as rooms there come with a mini kitchen. Also, there are no public transport travelling to and fro Lavasa so yep, you need your own vehicle.

lavasa weekend trip itinerary travel blog IndiaThe drive

It takes about 4 hours to reach Lavasa from Mumbai so it is advisable to leave as early as possible so you can avoid the Mumbai city traffic. From Pune, its hardly an hour’s drive (those luck peeps!). Once you enter the city, depending entirely on your luck, you may or may not find crowd. Its a small planned town so there is not much to see or roam about in the city except for a few spectacular view points. The parking lot of Ekaant Resort is one such view point.

Incase you want to have a quick lunch, head to All American Diner. I have tried every other place there but its only this restaurant that serves decent food. Their breakfast especially is something worth having in a surrounding so cosy!

Lavasa gets extremely beautiful towards dusk, with clouds covering the hilltops and even entering the villas. The monsoon can be chilly towards the evenings due to constant rains so carry something warm, especially a bedroom slipper. Other than that, all you need to do is sit with some hot chocolate out in your balcony, listen to some music and dream away!

Love N Luck