I have been often asked – “How do you fund your travels without having a full-time job?” Or been said – “Oh you come from a well-off family so you don’t need to worry about your finances.
The answer is – Traveling is not as expensive as it may seem.
Traveling to understand the world and not to tick off some bucket list that you have will be an investment in yourself.
There are flights for the ones who want to save time, and there are trains for those who want to enjoy the journey.
There are plush resorts for those who want to be seated in their air conditioned suites while watching the nature outside sipping on to some coffee, and there are local homestays in the remotest areas that lets you live in that nature. Where tea and coffee may be a luxury but air, water and love is pure.
There are restaurants serving continental and gourmet dishes that are totally instagram worthy, and then there are small huts on the corners of the road serving dal and rice and rotis and sabjis in not the best of plates, but in the best of taste.
The choice is definitely yours to suit, but the takeaway from this is the fact that people need so little of the materialistic things to lead a happy life. That success is not a six figure monthly salary but being able to share a laugh with your family at 3pm on a Wednesday.
While you spend your earnings on triggers of temporary happiness like cars and clothes and gadgets, it’s the everyday experiences that will make you smile throughout the years to come, the memories and lessons that you can share with your coming generation. Once you know what it takes to be successful and happy, the luxuries of life wont excite you as much as the rawness that it has to offer. And that is how, eventually, what seems like most expensive to you now will turn out to be the most rewarding and beneficial part of your life.

  • Plan the route map and your days, but leave the happenings of the day to the moment. Don’t plan on eating at this cafe or visiting that temple, rather, walk out and explore.
  • Talk to fellow travelers and locals, look out for photographers and go along with them and they can definitely show you spots you never knew could exist.
  • Eat out at the small local hut and ask for the day’s special. Ask them about their crops and agriculture. Go see their small farms and play with the kids.
  • Befriend the strays. They will be your loyalist friends. Wake up for sunrises and chase sunsets.
  • Be open to experiences and conversations, big and small. Try to listen than to preach. That way, you learn a little more about the world and your own self.

Yes, things can get a little out of budget when traveling with the family, but here is what this whole blog is about – to see the world, to live a fruitful life, to be successful, one need not delve on luxury. Whether you are 15 or 50, the best way to know the world around you is to live it their way and not your way.