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I would be lying if I said I have been travelling solo since ages.

I have been travelling a lot, but initially it was a duo. Two equally passionate travelers riding out of the city every now and then without a fixed plan to see places and make memories.

I shifted cities 6 months back and it is since then that I have taken my baby steps in traveling solo. It has always fascinated me, the thrill of extreme freedom. To not have to think about anyone else because its your and your time alone, and trust me, it’s extremely liberating.

When I first stepped out of home with my backpack, alone, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do this. I come from a very supportive and pampering family and being a daughter makes it even more difficult. Not because of any differentiation but for a reason as simple as safety. The father calling every 3 hours, the mother texting every hour and the brother constantly checking my social media feed for updates, it can be intimidating.

It was one of my late nights, 2 days before my birthday last year that I thought I should spend my bday on my own. No parties, no treats, no gifts and even no wishes if possible. My day, my way was my intention. Before I could have a second thought or an opinion that could change my plan, I booked my tickets. There, finally, it was done! I had one of the most peaceful birthdays sitting by myself at my favourite spot on a hill in Goa, watching the sun setting over the horizon.


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After that first, I did a couple more short trips nearby on my own. However, it didn’t take me too many trips to realise it’s not all roses and peaches. While the whole experience can leave you refreshed, it’s the feeling when you come back to your room after a beautiful day that tends to slowly break you. The feeling of not having someone to share your day with, and phone calls don’t cut it, neither does talking to the lovely people you make friends with on such journeys. Having a support system, a companion, someone who is genuinely interested to know how your day was is what would make your travels worthwhile. (Daddy was always right!)

I am not writing this post to discourage anyone from taking a solo trip. May be what you feel and would go through on your solo journey would be very dissimilar to my initial experience. This also does not mean I will not travel solo anymore. I will continue with seeing the world preferably on my own because life is too short to wait on someone or something. And maybe someday I will get used to being my sole companion, my sole support system and my own best friend.

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