The Resort Mumbai

The term staycation is not unheard of. However, whenever we think of taking a break, we either check flight tickets to nearby places or opt for a long drive. The luxury lovers usually book a business class to one of the finest hotels with a majestic view and breakfast in beds.

Here are a few issues with your last minute vacation plans:

  1. The best hotels are almost full
  2. Ticket rates are skyrocketing
  3. Drive is fine but it leaves you tired and the weekend goes by just being tired
  4. The same life only in a different city
  5. Much more expensive than you’d actually budgeted
  6. Too short a time to know the place

Now, if I were you and had to plan all that, I’d just switch on my AC, put on the music and lay cozy in bed. So much trouble and expense for 2 days when you wouldn’t feel anything but physically tired at the end of it. Doesn’t make much sense to me. Rather, why not opt for a staycation?

A staycation literally means a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. But for people living in the metros, a staycation is just another getaway in the city!

Staycation The Resort Madh MumbaiPool side at The Resort, Madh

A staycation at The Resort, Madh is where I headed to a few weekends back. While I have visited the resort before for a snack or two in their restaurant BayWatch, I haven’t really stayed there. I was doubtful if people do come and actually stay in a resort in the same city and to my surprise, it was almost houseful! Well, without much ado, let me tell you just why I would choose a staycation at The Resort:

  1. Very much within the city limits of Mumbai
  2. The view is amazing. All rooms are sea facing
  3. The drive is a nature lover’s paradise
  4. Food is a lavish spread overlooking the pool as well as the seaside
  5. A one-night B&B package costs INR 5010 as per Trivago. (Much cheaper than having to travel to a different place and living in a mediocre room)
  6. The rooms are very intelligently built
  7. A huge, well lit and well maintained property and is perfect for a peaceful stroll

Staycation The Resort Madh Mumbai BuffetThe scrumptious food

To me, staycation is a time saving, cost saving, energy saving and a very relaxing experience. Whenever I want a quick recharge, a staycation it is!