Australia, as I remember it, is a place where you will find Sardars & Masterchefs. Am I correct? 😀

These are the two things which comes to my mind when I hear of Australia. But wait, there’s a lot more that this beautiful country offers which made me put Australia on my 2016 travel map and I reckon you must too –

Things to do


Australia offers a tonne of varied things to get involved in for people with different likings. If you are a person who likes adventure or someone who would prefer to sit back and enjoy nature’s beauty, there’s always something that fits your idea of a perfect vacation.

Nature & Wildlife


If you want to witness some of nature’s spell bounding opera, then Australia is the place to be. It not only has a wide range of wild animals and forests but also boasts of some of the finest beaches and aquatic life on earth. Remember Kangaroo?  Great barrier reef ?

Food & Nightlife


Food is one of the major reasons I put Australia on my travel map. Tasting all the fancy food you always watched on MasterChef Australia ,can be nothing less than an indulgence. Australian food scene is known for the fresh natural produce, catch from the sea and delectable wines. Whether you are a party animal or a romantic who likes an elegant dinner, this is the place to be.

There are dreams and then there’s reality. I want to visit Australia like today, but then everything comes at a cost and if you can’t afford it, you have to step back 🙁

But worry not, Sanjeev Kapoor has come to our rescue. He has put together a TV show, “Out Of The World” in association with Wonderchef which promises to take you on a virtual tour through the magnificent country.


Lets sit back, tune into FoodFood every friday at 9:00 pm and get lost into the beautiful landscapes and food of Australia.

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