quick travel checklist

Off to your annual summer holidays?

Confused, what to pack and what not to?

Come, let me help you a bit with my quick travel checklist.

The golden rule : Always keep in mind to travel light and fresh. Not only is it easier for destination hopping, but it also helps keep track of your luggage. You do not want to misplace your amazing stuff, do you? Read on for a quick travel checklist.

  • Linen Pants / Shorts

Linen Pants or Shirts : Travel checklist 2014


The most comfortable piece of clothing for a vacation. Its light and breezy, and also dries overnight! Packing wise too, it takes less space. A black, a printed and one thats of your favourite color, and you are ready to roll.

  • Tees and Shirts

Comfy tees or shirts: Travel checklist 2014


Hi low tops & dresses are chic yet comfortable. But instead of buying a top, get a dress. You can wear it as a top during the day for your sight seeing, and as a dress with your black ballerinas & fancy danglers for a romantic dinner. Other than that, loose cotton tops, vests, and crop tops. I personally like wearing huge boyfriend tees over shorts during my trips.

  • Accessories

accessories. scarves hat sun glasses : Travel checklist 2014

Statement neck pieces while travelling…? umm, I think thats a NO. Scarves are a must-have as they pep up your look. A scarf can be worn multiple ways, a head gear or a neck wear or even as a belt . Hats and shades are another travel essential for a trendy summer holiday. A spare bag, preferably a hobo is a good choice incase you end up shopping and lack space in your backpack.

  • Comfortable Inner-wear

comfy inner wear : Travel checklist 2014

Keep those fancy lacy and synthetic B&Ps home. Stuff your bag with some linen or any cotton material ones as they will let your skin breathe, which is a big reason for body odour.

  • Footwear 

Flip flops and loafers : Travel checklist 2014



Flats..? YES. Heels….? NO.  Flats saves space in the bag and never makes you uncomfortable. I am very loyal to loafers when it comes to travelling as they are comfy as well as super trendy. Flipflops are also another favourites of mine, but mostly during the evening (tanning issues!). Other than that, you can carry a basic black ballerina flats.

  • Utility Kit

Utility Kit : Travel checklist 2014

Usually everyone has one, but the contents vary. Life is so much easier now that you get travel packs of almost everything. Always carry a mouthwash, face wash, safety pins, sanitiser, baby powder, kohl, lipbalm, some earbuds, shampoo satchets, sunscreen, deos, panty liners, rose water/toner, face tissues, wet tissues & chewing gums. Your travel kits are actually more important than the clothes you carry.

  • First aid kit

1 copy 4

Many of us easily forget to carry our own small first aid kit. No it need not be a big box, but a small pouch with some bandaids, pain relief spray, an antiseptic liquid (I prefer savlon), a neosporin, some regular tablets.

Always keep in mind to carry a backpack instead of a suitcase. And though it may be a family outing, having your own luggage is always a better idea. So grab this as your checklist and get packing.

Happy Holidays

Love N Luck

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