5 things which make Pondicherry the perfect weekend getaway!

1: The drive

Barring some stretches, the drive from Bangalore to Pondicherry is such an elating feeling! Takes about 6 hours with highways as smooth as the skin shown on shaving ads (no m serious!), with ample options for food stops. Our favourite is Anand Bhavan. Me being a ‘pet ki rogi’ I prefer eating light when travelling but if you are a biryani fan then you can also stop at one of the many stalls serving Ambur biryani. We drove our own car from Bengaluru to Puducherry (yep those are the official names now) but if you are an outsider then book an airavat bus. They are the most comfortable.

Bangalore to Pondicherry drive

2: The food

Pondi is all about small cafes serving quick meals. Since we stayed in Club Mahindra resort at Cuddalore, most of our meals were had there. Their buffet spread is just amazing, be it any meal! However, if you are in the city and looking for a place to bum into and eat, we suggest Spice Route. Yes Le Cafe is famous but not worth the hype. Like my friend said, “we filled out stomachs with disappointment” there and they even managed to mess up Cafe Mocha and Irish creme coffee. But you can go ahead and take the risk if you please! Other than that, you can also try tanto pizzeria in Auroville which we found OK.

pondicherry club mahindra food weekend trip club mahindra

3: Auroville

Peace. Serenity. Calmness. Relaxed. Love. Bliss. And I can go on smiling and writing about all the positive vibes I felt when I went to see Matri Mandir. Unfortunately, due to shortage of time, we couldn’t enter the mandir but the sight of it is enough to calm your senses. Its suggested you take 4-5 days in hand and visit Auroville if you want to enter the Matri mandir as the waiting can be anything between 1 to 3 days.

auroville matri mandir Pondicherry

4: Sunrise

Pondicherry is in the eastern side of India, overlooking the bay of Bengal. While I have mostly visited places with beautiful sunsets, the thought of watching the sun rise makes me as excited as a kid! Auroville beach is where we watched the sun rise from and for the first time, I wasn’t drowsy waking up at 5 am! The sound of waves along with the vastness of the sea, the singing of the birds, fisherman boats, the enthusiastic surfers, the fresh air and of course the perfect rising Sun – we just sat there till we got painfully hungry.

Pondicherry sunrise auroville beach

5: The vibes bro!

Its clean. And fresh. And chill. And pollution free. And cute. And cozy. And positive. And welcoming. Do not except a heaven on earth here though. Its a place where people come to sit and chill on the Promenade, take in the french beauty, eat good food and drink lots of wine. Half the time we did not have network in our rooms to +1 for that!