Bored of being a tourist and those planned travel routines? Then backpacking is your way out. Backpacking is an interesting way of travelling on a low cost and is much more adventurous too. Backpacking helps you become a traveller, by involving you in the journey.

The city of love, Paris has a lot to offer, rather more sinful than love. To name a few, there are the world famous baguettes, croissants and French coffee in one of the thousands cafes in Paris. Not to forget the macaroons. Oh the Macaroons…

But Paris in the dark is another beauty. The naughty side of Paris comes out at night with the help of funky local personalities and live jazz music from neighborhood bars lifting her spirits. She glows under the influence of the twinkling lights of the Eiffel tower that go off every hour.

Here are some offbeat things you can do in Paris once the sun goes down!

1) For something low-key, sit on the Champ de Mars, a vast lawn beneath the Eiffel tower with a bottle of wine and feast your eyes.

 champ de mars - backpacking in Paris

2) Head to Opéra Garnier and catch a classic play or dance show here. If you get bored, you can always toss your head back and enjoy the gorgeous Chagall fresco.


3) Feel like a daredevil tonight? Dare you to wander around the Père Lachaise Cemetery. Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison rest here. Salute your idols and when you get the creeps, find the nearest exit! It is the largest cemetery in Paris, so don’t forget leave breadcrumbs Hansel.


4) Too curious to explore and see everything Paris has to offer? Go on a night bus tour or a walking tour and breathe in beauty.

 opentour night - backpacking in Paris

5) Catch a Moulin Rouge show or any movie you like in the local theaters. Paris is host to screen muli-lingual movies with English subtitles. Choose what suits your eclectic taste and it back and enjoy the show.

 moulin rouge - backpacking in Paris

6) Partying the night away is a classic option. There are underground clubs all over Paris. If you are lucky to befriend a local, he will tell you exactly where to go. There are  also classic jazz bars where you can sit down and enjoy a drink while the music takes over. New Morning is one such happening place where live jazz, fusion and funk is what you should expect. To coax you further, Miles Davis, Cet Baker and Stan Getz have performed here! You can  also head to La Machine du Moulin Rouge for an epic night out.


7) The Ritz is very expensive place to go for a drink. The Hemingway Bar at the Ritz Paris offers the world most expensive drink, their special ‘the sidecar’. Well, if it is that expensive, it has to be mind blowing.


8) For the provocative, head to Le Crazy Horse. The art work there is mind-blowing. (So are the girls). There are also classy burlesque shows happening all over Paris.

 crazyhorstetoo- backpacking in Paris

Europe on the whole is a treat for your eyes. Travelling surely changes the way we look at life.

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 Love N Luck