gel-nails-side-effetcs-4If you remember, it was not long ago I was gushing about my long, thick, smooth and shiny nails! They were my own, but enhanced. I had never done gel nails before so I was more than excited, especially to see how original they look.

And then my real nails started growing and the fake nails showed up. It was time to either refill them or get them removed. I chose the latter, and here’s why you should never get gel nails done:

UV rays are a major reason for skin cancergel-nails-side-effects

In 2009, two women got skin cancer on the backs of their hands; they both used UV nail lights. (source). Once or twice may not make you a victim to cancer, but why even risk it? Smear a good thick layer of sunscreen if you still want to go ahead with it.

With extended use, you will end up having hands looking like a lizard tail (no kidding!)gel-nails-side-effects-5

What would be the whole use of having shiny buffed nails if your fingers and hands speak otherwise? I had a tingling burn when I put my hand inside the UV machine and I knew right then that its my first and last time.

UV rays are also a leading cause of macular degeneration


In other words, cataract. Most of the blindness caused in old age is due to cataract. Scary enough? Always wear protective glasses when getting your gel nails done. Or better still, don’t get them done at all.

Acetone, used for removal, is bound to leave your nails and finger tips dryGel-nail-side-effects-1

Gel nails removal means atleast 15 mins of soaked fingertips in pure acetone that makes the gel peel off while also blocking oxygen and moisture. I still have skin peeling all around my fingertips. Also, my nails are smaller than usual as they are coming off from the nail bed. It will probably be a year long wait before I can get my good-looking natural nails back.

Too much buffing leaves real nails lack-lustregel-nails-side-effects-2

It is often difficult to know where the gel nail and real nail merge, especially if the gel doesn’t fall off even after 30 minutes of soaking in pure acetone. That was the case with me (stubborn stuff) and I had to get it buffed out. Needless to say, some of my real nail has also been buffed away and now I have uneven nails, most of which bends even at the slightest touch. And shine, what is shine? 🙁

I hope you make a wiser decision than I did. I have a lot of regret about getting my nails done, especially since I always had naturally shaped nails that were strong and healthy. Now all I can do is wait for things to be the way it was and warn you against getting gel nails done.

Love N Luck