For starters, the comment on being perpetually unhealthy. There are people who are thin and have sickening ailments, there are  fit people die of heart attacks, there are fat women who live longer (and happier) than their thinner counterparts. Sorry, but being fat will never be a synonym to being unhealthy.

To the family members concerned about the daughter being unmarried because – who will marry you when you are fat? You can be mean, rude, prude, arrogant, mannerless, tactless, foul-mouthed, and so on, but never ever be fat! 

Then, the rejection that follows. Men who saw their world in you suddenly won’t find you attractive anymore, men who you meet and have a connection with will withdraw because they are ashamed to be seen with a fat woman. And the men who do look up to the fat woman are ones who just want to get into their pants. No, you are not KFC with thick thighs and full breasts when you are fat.

To the employees who want an eye candy at work – make your eligibility  criteria more clearer. A fair flawless skin, pink curved lips, kohl laden eyes, clothes that prove the femininity of the body – what you see matters more than what you get? 

To the self that keeps pulling itself down – the world will not change. The world will not see or realise what you are. The world will always find flaws in you and your beautiful body. The world will always be ruthless.

No. Life certainly doesn’t come easy to anyone, especially when you are fat. The best you can do is – stay true to yourself.