Seems like this Valentine’s Day is the one most of us wish would come every year round! 14th feb being a Saturday is the biggest joy no doubt, but being flanked by Friday the 13th prior and a Sunday the next day, it’s like a cherry on top of the cake! If it were me, I would start my valentine preparation by watching a horror movie on 13th night (you need no excuse to snuggle up), a romantic day out on Saturday followed by a relaxed Sunday at home! But there is something that one cannot overlook when planning a beautiful weekend out – dresses! Yes. Dresses are flirty, fun, inevitably stylish and perfect to celebrate the occasion of love. Well, let’s make a quick check list on the stunning dresses we should have this Valentine’s.

The movie date dress – Keep it casual yet stylish. A simple black dress with minimal detailing is the perfect bet to start the romantic weekend with!

movie night

The day-of-love dress – There is this one day when you are bound to feel all flirty, thank the air around! Why not set the mood with a pretty floral dress with a cut-out detailed back? Perfect peek-a-boo to keep you man waiting I say!

v dar morn

The night out dress – You cannot certainly end the day without a romantic candle light dinner right? Cliched as it may sound, it is surely and unmistakenly one of the most romantic date plan ever. When your man is busy planning the perfect dinner for you, why not you surprise him by looking like his million dollar girl?

date night

The intimate times dress – There is nothing more sexy that a red lingerie. Need I say more?


Relaxed Sunday dress – After such a fun-filled action-packed day, its time to sit at home and relax, or may be go out for brunch. What’s more suitable than a dainty piece of easy dress that you can just slide on?


I know you all must be wondering “Where do I go looking for all this?” Fret not, I have done my homework well to save you guys the trouble. You can find all of these on AskMe bazaar. And not just these but many more. And let me add, this is the perfect one-stop shop for all your love needs too!

Happy Valentine’s Day guys!

Love N Luck