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Gemstones have been like an age old tradition in Indian families. They are worn to bid away bad omen and ill health or bring about good luck, wealth and health. Frankly, it didn’t make sense to me. Like, how can having a stone stuck somewhere on your body wrapped in expensive metal going to heal your life? All that really made sense to me was that it’s a fashion statement worth flaunting while making a gaping hole in one’s bank balance! And I bet a lot many of you agree with me on this.

But here’s one small question:

Ever seen or touched gravity? Nah! Na? But you do know that there is a force of nature, an energy that keeps the universe together, right? It’s almost the same theory in this except that no one ever bothered to explain it to us, or maybe we never sought out to know the real scientific logic behind it.

(P.S Did you know almost all these Hindu beliefs that we criticise have a scientific logic behind it?)

When I was asked to wear certain gemstones to keep away this and that from my life, I shrugged my shoulders and asked my dad to not bother with it. However, I got to meet Ms. Abhijita Kulshrestha, Director, Astrologer and Gem advisor at India’s largest facility dedicated exclusively to planetary gemstones: The Gemstone universe boutique store, and that induced my interest in gemstones.

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Gemstones come in various colors, shape, cuts, size, carat and lustre. They play by the science of light. Sun being the source of all energy, also affect human beings. According to science, when sunlight passes through a prism, it disperses the sunlight into 9 colors, of which 2 colors are invisible – ultra voilet and infra red. Thus, the spectrum of nine colours is perceived to be the cosmic matrix and is the essence of the nine planets. These colors of the spectrum are very similar to the gemstone colors too. The nine planets are associated with these colours and the stones prescribed should also be in consonance. In fact, the wavelength of these colors is very similar to the ones in gemstones. In short, gem therapy uses these cosmic rays, which represent the different planetary energies to get positive results in being a life healer.

While gemstones are usually worn to bring positive energy into your life, different stones may have different effect and instead, drain you off all the positive energy within you. Needless to say, its important that you consult a gemstone expert  who understands the desireable qualities of Jyotish Gemstones before you buy a gemstone that you would wear on a regular basis. I’d suggest Abhijita. She is an accomplished scholar, a certified gemologist and NLP Practitioner.  I found the Gemstone universe full of fascinating information. You can connect with them at their websitefacebooktwitter and Youtube.

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