lotus butterfly blog

Whenever we talk about success and happiness, there is always the mention of the caterpillar that was looked down upon only for the world to realise later it would turn into a beautiful butterfly. A slimy looking larvae that would make any skin itch on touch, a living being everyone would want out of sight at an instant, or worse, be deemed insignificant and untouchable. It goes through a naturally occurring change and comes out of it’s cocoon to turn into one of the most beautiful living beings on Earth, the butterfly.
Did anyone tell you however, what the caterpillar-turned-butterfly does in the glory of all it’s success?

The butterfly, as it soars and makes the sky look more beautiful with it’s delicate beauty, goes around searching for it’s food.
Flying from flower to flower, sucking out all of it’s nectar, leaving it dead from within.

The flower, however, never gives up on itself. It never feels betrayed on being used for the butterfly’s step to continue being successful. It is not hurt that after drying it out of it’s nectar, of all the sweetness that it had within it, of what the flower was made of, has been stripped of it in the name of trust. The flower, at it’s own pace, heals itself and fills itself with nectar again, and is consciously ready for the next butterfly to come and do the damage again.

Especially if the flower is a lotus. The lotus which was breeding among dirt, the lotus whose beauty the butterfly saw, the lotus whose nectar the butterfly knew would fulfill it’s needs and hunger, the lotus that gave life to the new born butterfly. The lotus was left in the dirt again, by the same butterfly that saw the beauty in it.

But you see, the lotus lives free, it lives wild, its always grounded. Whereas the butterfly someday gets caught in a glass jar.