If you have been following me for long, you would know how obsessed I am with my skin. I freak out when I see a single pimple anywhere on my face and am always doing things that keep my skin healthy. But off late, my skin has started to look jaded and dull with some uneven tanning all across my forehead. I even have sun burnt skin peeling off my nose skin and some acne-like appearances that my mum says have to be prickly heat. I am in that confused state where I don’t know if my skin is oily or dry. My nose shines like a diamond but also has skin scaling, while the rest of my face is like a magnet to anything and everything.

I am not a doctor person and have always been an ardent ‘home remedy’ fan until and unless its something very severe. One of the most important part of my skin care regime is the sunscreen, but that also poses to be my biggest enemy. Sunscreens have been exceptionally heavy and thick for my oily skin and by the end of the day I look like I have been swimming all day in an oil pool. Ofcourse the need of re-application is out of question here.

I have been searching for sunscreens with a minimum spf of 20 and UVA protection that is suitable for skin like mine. I came across Garnier white complete kit which comes with an spf of 19 PA+++. It also claims to be a fairness cream and while I am not too keen on fairness, I got this so I could hopefully get my face to be of a single shade.

skincare routine with garnier complete white facewash & cream

As a regular skincare routine, I have been using the Garnier white complete face-wash and cream during the day as it acts as a sunscreen, is light on my skin since it is oil-control and has a pleasant smell to it. The face-wash does not lather much but surely leaves the skin squeaky clean and fresh with a lingering zingy smell. I surely recommend this to anyone with oily skin like mine to go through the day without feeling sticky and grimy.

Along with the above, my skincare routine with garnier  includes drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices, carrying a bottle of pure rose water and applying a lot of green tea ice packs to close up my pores. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and is a sure shot way to boost your skin’s health. Before I go to bed, I massage some chlorophyll gel and dab almond oil under my eyes atleast twice a week.

Garnier is also running a #7DayGarnierChallenge where you have the chance to win an amazing Garnier hamper. To participate all you need to do is:

  1.  Fill out this form to receive the sample of the Garnier White Complete cream
  2.  Try out the cream for a week
  3.  Share your experience on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with #7DayGarnierChallenge and tag me (@glamshutter) and Garnier (@GarnierIndia) and you can expect a fabulous hamper!

Love N Luck