My recent trip home left me with a bad uneven tan and extremely dull looking greasy skin. Though I am from Kolkata, I hardly know many places around thanks to my hostel life 🙁  Hence, I was adamant on getting to know the city more, especially the very famous street fashion stops – New Market and BK Market. Needless to say, all this roaming around took a toll on my skin! Kolkata is a humid place with too much pollution – I think I have seen some of the oldest running cars here who throws out thick black fumes as it moves. And then the hide-and-seek between the sun and rain also left me unevenly tanned all over my face and hands.

I am usually a person who lets her tan go off gradually without much fuss, but this time it was bad. Bad because as soon as I landed back to Mumbai my roommate said, “Have you been farming in the hills?” So off I went to look for a quick way to get my skin back on track. I got myself Oxylife creme bleach and let the bleach do it’s wonder on my skin. With just one use I saw a drastic change in my skin. Not only were my tan less visible, it also left my skin refreshed and glowing.


OxyLife Bleach. How to Bleach

The current pollution, heat, food and lifestyle habits leave our skin dull and oxygen-less. Like us, even our skin needs oxygen to breathe and keep itself alive and kicking for long. Oxylife bleach is just not any regular bleach that manages to brighten your face. Oxylife bleach not only brightens but also leaves the skin visibly refreshed with oxygen being flushed into your skin for that glowing youthful look.

Oxylife bleach has been my go-to companion for a glowing skin before any occasion. I apply it a night before that big day and voila! Oxylife bleach + a good night’s sleep are my two deadly weapons to always having good skin day no matter what.

Love N Luck