rant by a fat woman

It’s ok to let someone take from you what you thought was yours. May be it never was yours. May be you were meant to find something more than what you wanted.

When I started writing about plus size fashion, being fat was still a taboo. I had more haters and disgusted comments than encouraging ones. It was this one story about me growing up fat that changed the perspective. From that article on, I had genuine (atleast I think) followers and well-wishers and, overwhelmed, I took it upon myself on being the fat person every Indian should look up to. May be that was my greed, my hunger to feel noticed and attended to, but it’s the truth.

Today, I see a lot of ads and body positive photoshoots and stories on body image & self love and the trend to love yourself and your body is catching up like never before.

When Elle India did a shoot with 6 curvy women

rant by a fat woman - elle india shoot - plus size fashion

When Cosmo India did a shoot, again, with 6 ‘curvy’ women

rant by a fat woman - cosmo india shoot - plus size fashion

The recent ad by Joy which features Indian Comedian Bharti

It does make me happy to see the acceptance being fat is getting in India, but I guess it pinches me to see that the Indian plus size bloggers are nowhere in sight. It’s not like I want to be the face of any brand because I know that’s way too much to ask for. The least we can get is to be recognized, and not be kept aside just because we are not the extremely famous and well known fat people.

Yes it’s great to see fat women being successful in all walks of life, but if it comes to giving fashion a new face, it’s the plus size fashion bloggers. Look at Neelakshi whose personal style I ogle at or Amena who slays her everyday style or Aashna whose confidence can give you the creeps or Beepsa whose simplistic yet classy photos make you think about Marilyn Monroe. Call it a rant by a fat woman or a desperate cry of the let down, but being successful is one thing, dressing your fat self well is another.

Love N Luck