Fat Girl Fashion Rules - Broken!

How many times has it been that you were disappointed with yourself for not fitting into a beautiful cut out dress you loved at a fancy store or a street side shop? Don’t you think its time you stop being disappointed with yourself and take pity on all the brands that are losing out on a large chunk of valuable customers just because they think their customer’s vital stats are the same as their lookbook model’s? Plus Size fashion is not a shame anymore in any part of the world but here it seems otherwise. For instance, forever 21 has a plus size range in every country but India (and Korea and Japan). I wonder why. Aren’t Indian women known for being the most curvy and sensuous?

I have many friends and readers coming up to me and thanking me for giving them hope and courage to wear what they want, but when will the brands be bold enough? Haven’t you heard of the beautiful Tess Holliday, a size 22 model signed by Milk Model Management?



Or plus size fashion blogger Gabi Gregg who launched her own line of swimsuits for all sizes – Gabifresh x swimsexy 2015?



Or seen the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover with plus size model Robyn Lawley on it?



Or, well lets come home, Femina cover July 2014 with Huma Qureshi on it?


And there are many many more!

The point I am trying to make here is, women of all sizes are beautiful. When making clothes for a woman what matters is the shape, not the size. Dress for your shape and not for the size. It does not matter!
Lately, I went out looking for a well-fitted blazer for all my meetings and formal occasions. Three days it took me to finally understand that I have to tailor my own blazer because I am size 16. I am so fed up that I am customising and getting my own clothes tailored since I cannot find the right size here.
However, I am thankful to bollywood for atleast taking the first step (after all the chikni chamelis and sheilas) towards showing that big women are beautiful. I am in love with the trailer of ‘Dum Lagaake Haisha’ (and no this post is not sponsored by them).

Being the only plus size personal style blogger in India (atleast I think I am since I could not come across any till date), it irritates me to see how ignorant the fashion standards here are. With the almost negligible option of fashionable plus size clothing available, women are bound to either succumb to ethnic wear or end up looking like being squished in your undersized clothes (yes I have seen those kinds too!).

Love N Luck