And here its is, the advent of a new trend, a new fad! What started out as a movement for the bullied is now slowly becoming a way to grab eyeballs. If you haven’t figured out already, I am talking about ‘Plus Size Fashion Bloggers’ and ‘Body Positive Bloggers’.

When I started out, I took to and looked at fashion like any other 23 year old girl.

Initially I went about doing outfit posts with stuff from my wardrobe, mixing and matching outfits, talking about the shops and stalls in Mumbai where one could get fashionable stuff without emptying your pocket money by the 15th of every month. Little did I know that people were not looking into the fashion, but rather into how my body looks. It took me one very nasty comment to start seeing myself as an influencer and not just a blogger. I have unfortunately deleted the comment at that time because it was mean and I wasn’t strong enough to face it, but here is the outfit which grabbed eyeballs for my very visibly ugly belly button.

plus size fashion - indian fatshion blog - body image

After this post, there was a lot of thought that went into posting images as I did not want to look “Ugly”. I would click more than a 100 images to be sure atleast 5 of them makes me look good. I remember a time when I was searching online for photoshop tutorials on how to make you body look thinner. With time, I stopped blogging because I would always find myself looking fat and unpresentable in pictures.

Early last year was when I put up my first “Fat girl fashion rules – broken” series’ post. I was sceptical on the way people would react since it was the first time I was wearing a crop top. Surprising it was when good wishes came my way and people started saying that I motivate them. That’s when I decided to continue being a fatshion blogger and influencer, but in my own niche. I accepted my body, accepted its flaws (according to society norms) and wanted to flaunt it more than ever because I realised, I am not alone. I realised that there are more people out there who relate to my state of mind than the ones who only mock my physical appearance. I must not say this, but right now, at this moment, I am doing much better than those small minded acquaintances of mine, and I have no intention to stop!

Indian fatshion - fatshionista

Slowly and steadily, I have been growing as a ‘fatshionista’. I do not have a 5-digit following, but the ones I have are genuine. I have been featured in quite a few publications and frankly, I am hungry for more! I found my calling, found my niche and I am trying to be consistent in it. The frequency of my outfit posts have reduced but not my confidence or my love for life.

body positive - eff your beauty standards

That being said, I am slowly coming across very new plus-size fashion bloggers every other day on instagram, and it makes me sad that they may be taking advantage of a physical (and mental) state that has haunted many of us for real, just for some publicity and eyeballs. I may be wrong, but I cannot help feeling this way whenever I see a trend catch up like wildfire, so much so that it loses the whole purpose of its existence.

Stay genuine.

Love N Luck

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