Rewind back to five years from now. What was plus size then? A mockery! A way to shame and shut people up and embarrass them and make them feel like some criminal for having a body with not the perfect proportions. There was no mention of fashion and plus size, these 2 terms just didn’t go together. Vidya Balan was ridiculed for her weight and fashion while giving her extraordinary talent a pass.  Brands would shy away (or rather shoo you away) if you went about asking for a XXL. All that was associated with the plus size was slimming centres and inch loss sessions and liposuction.

Year 2016. A growing voice of the big girls community talking about plus size fashion and body positivity. A good many bloggers and faTshionistas showing you how to dress well and not just wear clothes to cover your naked body.

Slowly but steadily, the acceptance of being fat and fashionable is growing.

It took a lot of spam comments, public shaming, body shaming, rude comments, name calling & dick pics to get past and reach a place in the society/industry where there is a little more room and recognition for a section (read: HUGE) that has been ignored and shoved aside for decades. I would, without wincing a tad bit on my words, say that its only and only the body positive activists and bloggers who took up such a bold step to make the lives of fat people easier by throwing themselves out in the public to be shamed but fight without giving up. They put aside all the negativity and took it upon themselves to represent that huge chunk of people out there who have been hiding due to their body sizes. And now that there is some positivity in this whole scenario, a big brand associates with a fashion week that has been very judgemental on their standards of beauty to host a plus size fashion show? Really, they take it all on their stride and be the “game changers” so easily?

Plus size fashion show Lakme Fashion week

I know a lot of you out there are extremely happy with this whole thing but here’s what I have to say, If you want to showcase plus size fashion, have a completely different fashion week to do so! Jewellery has it, resort wear and beach wear has it, why not the plus size? Why tag onto a fashion week that has always been about designers making clothes for the well-off 36-24-36 customers modelled by tall, skinny, bone jutting out glowing ladies with the perfect face cuts?

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