I was born a healthy kid. A good 5.2 kgs is what my mom tells me. Back then I was considered cute, a doll, a human teddy, ‘maide ka gola’, etc. but now it seems being ‘big’ is not too fancy. Instead of being called a doll and people ‘awwing’ me on my cuteness, they feel pity that I cannot find the right clothes and ultimately may not just find the right guy!

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I am sure I am not the only one facing this “boring” issue in life. First thing I hear during family gatherings (or even friend get-togethers for that) – Change your diet plan and cut down on your carbs. Well, abiding by that I did try the Atkin’s diet once, which is a no-carbs diet and yes it did help me! But how long can one go on on just boiled chicken and fish and eggs? So there went my one month’s dedication just like that!

Next – I joined a gym. Was so desperate that I took a year-long membership which just ended in, frankly, muscle cramps and crazy hunger. So that too was tossed away. As if a foolish diet plan wasn’t enough! (Actually the truth is my gym shut down after four months and then I lost the motivation after losing out on my money :D)

body sizesAfter trying so hard I realized that being thin is not the answer, the answer is to be the best of what I am. Turned a deaf ear to all those worried about my ‘plus size’ and started doing what really made me happy – writing and dressing up! So much so that I refused to even take up a job that is not related to fashion! (Ofcourse the result was months of joblessness with a few freelance projects here and there.)

So now, let’s come to the point – my plus size diet plan, also referred to as the ‘culprit’. Like everybody else, I eat everything from pizzas to burgers to donuts to my love – biryani! Don’t they say people who love to eat are the best kind of people? Life is too short to eat boring food and wear regular clothes. Yes I do take care of the quantity not because of my size but for the ailments that obesity carries with it and I go for random walks and drink green tea (I love it!) so that I can stay fit. Lastly, as for my clothes, I have always lived by these words…

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