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Just came across this review of a plus size store while surfing through Zakoopi. While it started out good, the end made me flinch. Why is it that being ‘Fat’ is still considered ‘Unhealthy’ or worse, an epidemic! I, for once, can name a thousand people who are shapely size 6s and 8s but much unhealthy than me.

A plus size body is not obese!

plus size body India

And this is not the first time I have heard or read this, neither will it be the last. This is ingrained in us that if we are fat then we will die of a weak immune system. Really? I am a big fat girl with a plus size body – I have my cholesterol on the rise just like my size 4 friend, I have PCOD just like 100 other women I meet in the doctor’s clinic, I have hypothyroidism just like the prettiest girl in my high school had back then. Then what makes me more unhealthy and likely to die before them? My body size? Duh! Now that’s on-the-face fat shaming.

You know what makes one healthy? A happy sense of being. We fat people love to eat without counting calories. We fat people can make jokes on ourselves and laugh it off. We fat people are so immune to the pity this society feels towards us. We fat people know how to accept and live life! And we fat people love to dress up, just like the rest of the world.

body-positive-quotes Plus size IndiaWearing a pink shimmer boxy crop top from StalkBuyLove.

The above review really pains me. Not all who are ‘very healthy’ are obese (that’s such a contradiction in itself). People don’t get obese by will, just like people don’t get cancer by will.

Love N Luck