These last few months have been hectic hence no posts from us. Final semester, last exams, convocation, last goodbyes, shifting place, lots! But now, we are all set again for a new journey! Firstly, would like to thank all of you guys for supporting our lil dream because now, we do not just blog, but also run a full-fledged agency, yes! For more details, visit our main website.

Now, how many of you have oily hair woes? I do, severely! It hardly takes a day for my freshly washed hair to become limp and dead. And considering I have very fine hair, my scalp starts showing. How embarrassing right? So I wondered what can be done. You know, like an ‘oily hair quick fix’ for the times I’m out. Ofcourse a high bun is the first answer, but not always.
Dry shampoos – expensive and not really portable. Baby powder, yes!
The benefits – its very fine and doesn’t harm the scalp, its not too drying, its pocket friendly (30 gms for Rs 10) and easily fits in a small pouch so you can carry it wherever you go. Now for the process, I have attached a few pics below for your reference.

Say goodbye to oily hair – Quick fix

in 500*

So now sit back and say goodbye to your oily hair woes!