Mumbai or Bangalore

I have always been in love with Bangalore. The weather, the food joints, the shopping, the parties, my friends and family-its like I have everything there!

A small video by 1st December films that will convince you how beautiful is little Bangalore. (PS. Anup J Kat is my favourite photographer!)

I was in Bangalore for 3 years, where I made a hell lot of friends and memories. And not just regular friends, I made a few “3am” friends whom I can rely on even today and go out to breakfasts with. Thats #FriendshipGoals right there and I am living it! Add to that, the food. From the tastiest biryanis to gourmet dishes, sky view lounges to cheapest cocktails, you find it all here. Plus, unlike a lot many places, you are sure to find cuisines ranging from A to Z in the dead of the night! And while I do hear the weather is PMSing almost everyday of the month in Bangalore, it surely still has that cosy breezy vibe to it.

Trust me, I am smiling ear to ear writing and thinking about Bangalore. However, I chose Mumbai over Bangalore after 2 years of thought. Ask me why? Because there is life.

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I do not have 3am friends in Mumbai. Infact I do not even have 8pm friends in Mumbai (or Bombay)! The rent I pay takes away half my earnings. Travelling is an expensive affair, add to it the infamous Mumbai traffic. I am not a fan of vada paos and bhajis, and I find it extremely tough to adjust to the spicy masaaledaar food Mumbaikars eat. I don’t have a single family member here, and the far-off ones I have, I tend to have almost forgotten their faces. But here’s what makes Mumbai impossible to not love – Mumbai accepts you unlike any other city.

I have been catcalled in Bangalore, smirked at for being a fair-skinned North Indian, looked down upon by strangers on the streets because of my body size, have been forced into groupism because not everyone accepts you, wasted a lot of my time because all around me were rich kids without much ambition (well I do blame myself for it since I chose to be friends with them). But Mumbai never treated me that way.

I am a better person than I was. When I first came to Mumbai, I was a lost kid. But today, I know I can wake up at 4am for a walk and there will be non-judgemental smiling faces all around, ask anyone for help and they will go out of their way to help you. Mumbai is such that whether you accept the city or not, it will accept you. And the moment you step out of its boundaries, you will long to get back. That’s why, I chose Mumbai over Bangalore!

Maa! You hear me, right? Dont ask me again if its Mumbai or Bangalore. 😉

Love mumbai installation