Fair and Lovely Powder Cream review India

Being in a tropical climate has its own flaws. While the monsoons make the whole scenario breathtaking, it takes a toll on your skin. I would consider you very lucky if you say you have no skin issues during the monsoon!

Most of the time, I keep my hair tied up and away from my face because I have a very oily and sweaty face that in turn makes my hair limp. It takes me max half an hour to start shining like a greased pan (even feeling like one). Plus, the numerous shapes and sizes of zits that start popping up all over.

Without going much into my complaints about my skin’s reaction to the humidity, I am gonna tell you my monsoon skin care regime that has made my skin a lot better and keeps me looking fresh for almost 14 hours every day!

While its always a longing itch to wash your face with a cleanser that makes the skin instantly dry and feel squeaky clean, avoid it! Over time, it only makes your sebum secretion more rapid as your skin tries to balance itself. Instead, use a mild soapfree cleanser 2 to 3 times everyday if necessary to maintain the suppleness of your skin. I use cetaphil.

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Next, I spray my face with chilled rose water. You can also opt for green tea if you wish too or a mix of camphor and mint (for extremely oily skin like mine). Cold splashes on the face right after a wash closes the pores while also minimising the oiliness. Infact, I use green tea ice cubes to rub my face with before bed every day.
I have always skipped the last step, i.e. applying a good moisturiser/cream before stepping out but trust me, its a mistake. Always moisturise your skin no matter how oily. I started using the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream since a week and it does keep my skin oil free while also combating dryness. Almost kind of a win win for dry as well as oily skinned people! More importantly, its like a light and fresh bb cream. On application, it does leave a light whitish film immediately after but give it a few minutes to rest and you will have a set look all day. So yep, the new Fair and Lovely powder cream is a very important monsoon skin care step for me.  I am not really big on makeup but monsoons make everyone look dull so I do like brightening up my face. While I can go ahead only with the Fair and Lovely Powder Cream for the most basic everyday brightening regime, I sometimes tend to dab some mascara, put on some lipbalm and lightly brush some blush on for a hint of colour. Plus I make sure to wear comfortable and breezy cotton clothes to stay fresh. You can check out some outfit inspiration from some of my previous monsoon OOTD looks.fair and lovely powder cream review monsoon skin care

My haircare regime is pretty simple. Wash and serum. I was my hair with lukewarm water, gently massaging my scalp with herbal shampoo. I skip the conditioner as it makes my hair limp within hours of washing so I directly jump to some serum. I take a pea sized amount of BedHead TIGI’s Control Freak and apply it on the ends of my semidry hair. It gives my hair a wet look which I quite like during the monsoon dampness, however, do not apply it anywhere near to your scalp as it instantly flattens your hair since its pretty thick (I know the bottle says non greasy). BedHead TIGI‘s Control Freak, unlike other serums, is an excellent styling serum as it really holds your hairstyle in place. I however do not think it helps in controlling the frizziness (or may be my hair is too frizzy?).

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