Remember the post on how to get rid of oily hair in less than a minute? Well here is another quick fix that you are bound to love!
Like one’s personality, everyone has their own smell. But sometimes that smell can go overboard and make people cringe (including your own self). That’s why perfumes were made. Filled with curiosity that I am, I did a little check on perfume and its history. Found out that it literally means ‘through smoke’. Cool eh!

Anyways, back to the point. So perfumes save us from disgrace and leave a lasting memory. Infact, we are known to even associate people with how they smell. Now, you wouldn’t want someone to associate you with pungency and sourness right?

It so happens that a hectic day can nullify the effect of even the costliest and the strongest perfume. What does one do then? Keep reapplying? Well, not really a good idea as the sweat and grime combined with perfume can give a rather weird resulting smell. While carrying wet wipes can help, why not fix the problem before it even arises?

Let’s take a quick lesson on ‘How to make perfumes last longer’


Applying you perfume on your pulse points is also important for it to last longer. The major points are:

  • Behind the ears
  • Wrist
  • The starting point of the cleavage
  • Inner elbow
  • Behind the bones on the ankle

Make sure you take a shower before applying petroleum jelly as a moist skin helps absorb better!
I will be back with more such quick tips every now and then. Do leave me a comment or write to me with your queries and any need of such handy tips for any other problems of everyday life!

Love N Luck