We all have been through this phase in our life where we find ourselves into a complexity of accepting ourselves the way we are. May be it is easier to say than practically doing it. Do You Really Know Your Self ?

Imagine if the entire world lives in a paradigm of Self-Acceptance and Self-Love, this planet will be such a beautiful place.

Why do people hate others ? 

Why does one criticize another  ? 

Why is there so much violence and anxiety around us ? 

Why is it difficult to forgive others ? 


Because we are so pre-occupied judging and accepting ourselves that we cannot rise above and look beyond all this. Our outer action and behavior is a result of our inner self. Most of the time we are critical judges of ourselves.  We can’t forgive others because we haven’t forgiven ourselves within. We hate others because we hate ourselves somewhere deep down. We fight with others because we are fighting inside. All our outer expression is the manifestation of our inner state. What you think, what you feel and what you believe will affect your behavior towards others.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to be “good” since our growing years, and are not taught to love ourself the way we are. We are  put in a bubble of idealism and vision of being good, and when we fail expectations of parents/society of fulfilling these ideologies, we are crushed and fall in our own eyes. This leads to feelings of guilt, jealousy, frustration and dropping to low vibration levels. We fail to measure up to our own standards.

How should we solve this and how does one live his or her life? The problem solves itself when we go beyond right and wrong or good and bad. Breaking free of these ideologies is when we become truly free.

God has given every creature a different body and in it, has gifted a divine soul. Every heart is pure, every mind is clean. Nobody is identical. Always accept this and accept yourself the way you are. Rise beyond self-judgement and self-criticism. Live each moment with self-kindness and self-compassion and embrace your individuality.self-loveWhen you start to Accept Your Self the way you are….

You  start to accept people the way they are!

You start to accept situations the way they are!

You start to accept the world the way it is!

You start to accept life the way it is!