Jacqueline fernandez koffee with karan quotes

I am not much into watching tv, neither am I an avid movie-goer. Infact, I do not even own a TV at my place yet, after having been living there for 5 years! Its only on some online channels where I watch a clip here or there, or an interview that suddenly seems to have gone viral, or the famous speeches, and sometimes pulling off an all-nighter completing a series I got hooked on to.

Off late, I have taken a liking to Koffee With Karan. While for the masses, it’s about the insider gossip, what I like about this show is we get to see the genuine person on screen. Not a character but the actual individual, whether he has a real sense of humour or it’s only the writer’s contribution in a movie, if he actually has a presence on screen or it’s just the camera angles doing its job, etc.

I watched almost all episodes of season 5, but I could only relate to the latest one – Jacqueline Fernandes and Siddharth Malhotra. Not because of her fashion sense or his undeniable hotness on the couch, but that one moment, that one sentence Jacqueline said which I (and I know many more like me) could totally relate to.

Jacqueline fernandez koffee with karan quotes

I remember being clearly called a bimbette when in my first year of MBA, and I kept wondering what made them think of me in such a way. I wasn’t the conventionally good looking female with an hourglass figure, neither did I try to project myself as a beauty queen per say by dressing up flashy. I was a messy-bun-and-shorts kinda girl whose only concern was attendance (seriously!). But I laughed a lot.

As I moved on to taking up jobs and going for interviews, it was made clearer to me that I wasn’t taken as serious enough in life to be given any responsibility. I mean, they see my work and are impressed, but when they meet me, the real me, the happy-giggly me, it all falls apart. Not being involved in crucial meetings, not being paid heed to my rationale backed suggestions or even considering me able enough to do the work I have been hired to do, these are just some of the things that happen to me on an almost daily basis. All these feelings within me, but I laughed a lot.

Initially, I thought it must be me who lacks the qualities or the potential, but I guess it all makes sense now. I am a very happy person, with an infectious laughter. I take everything with a smile, make a joke of the toughest situations, and that, instead of proving me to be stronger, makes me look like a bimbette.

Oh @jacquelinef143 ! Now I know why u asked if we should take another shot. I look sick! 😀 #fashionblogger #fabfeet #nomakeup

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You can watch the Jacqueline Fernandez Koffee with Karan episode here.