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Every bride has already imagined them wearing a beautiful wedding attire and walking down the aisle more than once and since a long time. One imagines the wedding décor as well. A beautiful background, mischievously decorated atmosphere and the bride, with a gorgeous wedding dress. One imagines almost everything they will be doing and wearing on their big day, but one misses an essential element, that is, to check if the wedding décor and attire are complementing each other or not.

To have a foolproof wedding, check out these 6 tips to match your wedding attire to your decor:

  • Keep your attire in contrast with your wedding decorations

To create a bright impression, one should keep their wedding outfit highly in contrast with their wedding décor. This will attract the guests in the ceremony and make the bride look extravagant. If the wedding décor is made of bright colors, one should choose a light colored wedding outfit, to maintain the contrast.

Wedding Decor India

  • The time of your wedding decides your clothing factor

If it is a day wedding, natural lighting will be present, so light colored clothes will look vibrant and even match the décor. The timing of a wedding is one of the main factors to choose a wedding outfit. If it is a night wedding, bright colors are the most suitable and will make you the main attraction.

Wedding decor India

  • Enhance aesthetics with the help of multiple colors

A bride definitely doesn’t want just one color to define her wedding attire. Multicolored dresses are generally preferred for a wedding, making the outfit look more attractive and unique. Subtle hues in a wedding décor which doesn’t match the wedding attire, makes it look more gorgeous and creates a beautiful ambiance.

  • Balance liveliness of both outfit and the décor

An Indian wedding is always colorful and full of vivacity. But one must keep a balance so as to not make it visually displeasing. Like in Delhi, few good wedding venues in South Delhi are painted in multicolor and are not suitable for extra decorations. A light decoration makes that place look tremendously beautiful. The same logic goes around with wedding attire. Too much of colors in single attire would be displeasing to the human eye.

  • Focus on the wedding theme

A themed wedding is like a trend nowadays. The best wedding venues have themed wedding, which needs thorough planning. These kinds of weddings need special attention so as to cope up with the wedding attire as well.

  • Let’s not forget the Groom

Almost every wedding is bride-centric, but let’s just not forget the groom. The groom should also match the wedding attire, to look like a power couple and help each other shine. 

Wedding decor India

These tips will come handful when planning to match your wedding attire to your decor.

These small things might not look sufficient, but they make a huge difference and the guests appearing in the wedding will have a clear memory of the nuptial ceremony for year to come, making it a truly memorable one.


images courtesy – fnpgardens