Where the hell did my money go? How come I always end up being broke?

Bet you can never find answers to these questions. If you often find yourself asking these, then read further. “Money” is undoubtedly the one problem 20-somethings face! Once you enter your 20’s, get done with college and buck up to face the real world, every aspect of life is judged based on the amount of money you make. Quite frankly, it’s not a difficult thing to make money but what’s difficult is knowing how to manage it.

There are many experts who have shared their mantras on “how to manage money” but none of them talks about the roots of the issue. Based on some of my personal experiences I have put together these suggestions, which I suppose will definitely help you.

Need vs Want

There is a huge difference between what you need and what you want. Knowing it is the first step towards saving that extra buck.

How to manage money in your 20's

Keep away from peer pressure

Peer groups or our friends circle often tend to be a major reason for over spending or spending on unnecessary things. Do not get under the pressure of “What will my friends think of me?” Surround yourself with people who understand you and do not judge you on how much money you got in your pocket. Just know that their’s nothing wrong in saying NO.

How to manage money in your 20's

Plan your savings

I come from a middle class family. I’ve seen my parents plan their expenses years in advance and accordingly put aside part of their income. This is a very important and valuable habit to develop. But that does not mean you must save all your money and not enjoy life. Calculate all your expenses and put the rest as savings. Planning is the key.

How to manage money in your 20's

Understand the value of money

Majority of us fail to understand the value of money. A ten rupee is not just ten rupee, its the value of time and energy you invested to earn it. So now on, look at money not just as a piece of paper but as the value of your efforts.

How to manage money in your 20's


There’s no greater sin than keeping your money idle. Always look for opportunities where you can invest your savings and get yields overtime. There are plenty of options – bank deposits or mutual funds being the most basic.

How to manage money in your 20's

In the end there is no substitute to being smart, alert and planning when it comes to managing your wealth. I have been following the above five points since more than a year and it has helped me tremendously. Hope it will help you too.

Love N Luck