Depression is becoming an everyday phenomenon. Every next person is struggling to rise above this reluctant feeling.  This emotion has a huge impact on one’s health, relationships, happiness, professional life and personal well-being.

Before understanding how To fight depression let us comprehend the factors leading one into depression. ANGER is one of the major elements that hampers one’s mental peace and leads one to the path of DEPRESSION.

What is ANGER?

Anger is any feeling that comes out of pain.  This pain comes out of a subconscious situation may be because of some fear, some stress or some dark memory beyond. It is an outcome of inner anxiety and pain and that pain arises from inner fear.  When a person is fearful, he feels the pain and the outburst of that pain is ANGER.


When your anger turns inwards it leads to depression. When you suppress your anger, it is known as depression.

Imagine this, a child is being shouted by his parents, but he is not able to react. The child starts absorbing the feeling inside him. Parents yell at him again and again on every small mistake he does. The child takes all of this inside him and scoops down this feeling. The more he dwells on this negative emotion the more he is pushed into depression. Suppression or expression of anger leads one into the world of depression, discomfort and dis-harmony. One leads to depression and the other leads to effects on the body.

The important aspect is HOW to get one out of depression? There are various ways to this. One needs to understand anger and identify elements which lead one into aggression. We need to understand WHY does one get angry? It may be due to some incident or due to some event that has happened in one’s past or present life. The body memorizes these emotions and reacts to it as per those emotions towards a particular situation on an auto pilot mode.  People and situations may change but anger inside remains the same. If people know how to pin you, where to pin you, it is obvious that your fuse will blow. The best example to suit this situation is a married couple, a husband and wife know exactly how to pin each other!

How do we reverse the anger and depression in return?

Identify the factors resulting into depression and make the person aware of it with applying consequences to it. For example, if a person gets angry next time, he will undergo a 24hour water-fast. If he applies these rules mentioned and if he shouts and undergoes to water fast for next 24 hours his anger subsides. If he does this five to seven times in a space of one or two months he will definitely rise out of depression. Every time the person gets angry, the brain gives him two signals:

1: Do you want to shout and undergo a water fast?


2: Handle situation calmly and continue eating your regular meals.

Naturally if body gives you two signals the brain will go with second choice of having food as one’s body is habituated to it and it does not want to be starved for 24 hours which is not a regular routine. It also knows consciously that anger is not healthy and will affect health and chooses peace and calmness. If one follows this pattern he will definitely win over his anger and depression.


Remember that nothing is permanent, neither is the anger nor is the depression. It is only a habit formed unknowingly over a period of time. Simply you have to put a consequence, which the body memorizes and acts as a stern reminder to you.

Practice this method proactively on your self and you will definitely rise above Depression!

Love and Blessings from the universe!

Manoj J Lekhi

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