A lot has been said about how to carry an apple body shape, citing examples of glamorous ladies like Drew Barrymore and Oprah Winfrey. But then, though apple shaped, their bodies are in almost perfect proportions. Not to forget tailor made designer clothes. So how do everyday people like us who do not have near perfect bodies, look good without having to spend a bomb?

Here’s how to find out if you are an apple body shape.

How to dress apple body shape

I am an apple shape, and a very heavy one to be precise. But my strong features would be my chest area and strong legs. Actually, for most apple body people it is the same.How to dress apple body shape
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So if you have an apple shaped body like mine, here are a few tips on, How to dress an apple body shape. Keep these points in mind when you go shopping next.
  • Never buy clothes that hug your tummy area.
  • Stick to long tops that hug the chest and are loose downwards.
  • Wear tops with neck detailing to shift focus from you stomach region to the neck area
  • Try avoiding round necks as it only makes you look rounder. Go for broader necklines or v-neck. If you have a well defined chest, flaunt deep necks. Trust me, a little cleavage will only work for your advantage.
  • High waist pants and skirts help hold that flabby tummy in place.
  • Layering helps to create an illusion of a thinner and longer frame.
  • Keep away from broad horizontal stripes. They are your enemy. You can wear thin or pinstripes with a layering.
  • Avoid short tops and shrugs that end above the waist.
  • If you are a fan of crop tops, wear them over a high waist skirt or pant to give it a longer silhouette.
  • Tying your hair in a top knot or a messy high bun gives an illusion of an elongated neck.
  • Invest on ballerinas and t-straps. They create an illusion of longer legs. Try to keep away from gladiator flats.
  • Try avoiding the use of belts. For accessorising, go for chunky statement neckpieces or scarves or danglers. Again, it gives a longish structure and also takes attention away from your waist.
  • Avoid wearing loose pants. Also avoid pleated pants and skirts as it will only add volume to your waist.
  • Invest in straight falling maxis and maxi skirts. They are your best friends for the season.
  • Avoid small side bags and satchels. They will only emphasise your big frame. Go for hobos instead.

All of this I have learnt from personal experience. Let me know if this has been useful for you. Comment below.

And yeah! an hourglass figure is not the only element which makes you stylish. Being fat is phenomenal!

Love N Luck

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