Believe it or not, every single women in this world hates wearing a bra. Only a women knows that “Ah!” feeling when you clip open and let those lady lumps free after a long day 😀


There is a long long list of health issues a bra can cause and breast cancer tops it all. All those stylish lacy lingerie that women wear widely may hold your assets well, but are made of fabric & materials which releases carcinogenic toxic chemicals. The answer  to this problem does not lie in not wearing a bra but finding the right kind.  The internet is full of tutorials and articles on “How to choose a bra” so I am in no mood to write down the same old stuff all over again. Rather I wanted to share a very unique product which I came across earlier today. And yes it is a bra 😀

Imagine this, a bra which supports your breasts, gives you the coverage you need, looks extremely stylish and is optimal for your health. Sounds almost unreal right? Well no more. Introducing – Angiya.

Angiya is a new range of bras made out of healthy and organic materials. The idea dates back couple of decades to the rural women in Rajasthan & Gujarat, who used to wear these as an outerwear. It is no rocket science, but took a woman like Priyanka to understand the problems modern bras can cause and thus find a solution.


Now the question is, is Angiya the perfect solution? We’ll know once the product is out in markets. For now you can pre-order them here. I’m getting mine soon 🙂

Love N Luck