So if you have been following me on my instagram, you would know that my last weekend was all about pampering. Though not a parlour freak, I went ahead and gave some beauty services a shot this time as it was all to be done at the comfort of my home. For a lazy person like me, a concept like “Home Salon Service” is a boon.

My Glamm may not be the first to come up with home salon service in Mumbai but this is the first of its kind that I tried. To give you a quick gist about the salon – it is brought to you by French L’OCCITANE Spas, the New York based Warren Tricomi Salons and the fashionable ELLE Spas & Salons. I took a total of six services from them and will just give you a quick review of it so you know which ones to try and which ones you can give a miss.

Spa Manicure and Pedicure

The equipment was squeaky clean and there were single-use packs of all the products. Since I took the spa mani/pedi, it took about 3 hours to get done – a very long time I must say. While I was really happy with the pedicure (my tan was visibly reduced with no trace of dead skin), the manicure is not something I would recommend unless extremely necessary. My nails weren’t immaculately cut, patchy nail-paint and add to that a punctured skin with the cuticle remover.

pedicure home service - my glamm

Forest Essentials Clean-up

This is the one service I will recommend everyone to give a shot, even if its a regular clean up. I have never had a smoother nose than what I have now :D. Soothing aromatic massage with the right amount of pressure on your own cozy bed. Love, isn’t it? This is undeniably the best service they have. (P.S – my awesome therapist’s name was Pooja)

face clean up - home spa

Moroccan Oil Ritual Hair-Spa

I was really excited about this as I had been wanting to pamper my hair for sometime. I really did not get the idea of how would someone do a full-fledged hair spa as well as an advanced cut at anyone’s place without the proper arrangements? Anyways, we started with the Moroccan Oil hair spa first. It was a super quick spa – the moroccan hair spa mask, mixed with moroccan hair oil & serum was applied for like 10 mins, followed by some steam from a regular steamer then a good long massage 😀 Frankly, I expected more, since I also do not see much change in the texture of my hair.

moroccon hair spa

Advanced Hair-Cut

The hair cut too was quick and the stylist, Ishaan, knew exactly what to do. Though I wanted to go for a bob or wispy bangs since I was too bored of being “Plane Jane”, he was pretty adamant on the fact that it wouldn’t suit my face shape hence, we went with a simple layered cut. At the end of the day, I would always prefer a parlour or a salon for my hair-cut so I can see exactly what’s going on.

moroccon hair spa - home service

Acrylic Gel Nail Extensions

I have never been a Nail-art or Nail-extension person so when My Glamm wanted (and actually suggested) me to try this out, I gave in. It was a three hour long process using acrylic extensions covered with a gel coating hardened with UV rays. Like the manicure, I wasn’t too happy with this too since the nails weren’t of the same sizes, the not-so-careful buffing and chipping left the sides of my fingers bruised and you can clearly see that the shapes aren’t all the same either.

gel nail extensions

The thing I really liked about all their services was their friendly staff and the hygiene factor. As for the cons, I find them pretty steeply priced but when they are coming all the way to your home and turning it into a mini salon, its worth it.  However, you must give them a try especially if you are either too lazy or too busy 😉

Love N Luck

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