There are a dearth of articles on how to live a healthy lifestyle and you have probably read and tried them all, but why is it that you still don’t feel as healthy as you should?
The answer lies within yourself. A healthy mind is the way to a healthy lifestyle. No amount of exercising and eating healthy food will leave you with permanent results if you do not know how to control your mind and thoughts. Here are the top ten ways to live a fast-paced yet healthy lifestyle:

Waking up early to soothing music and fresh airHealthy-lifestyle-quotes-a

There is nothing more refreshing than cool breeze brushing against your face with a soothing music in the background. A positive start to the day is the bare necessity of a healthy lifestyle.

Regular exercises like cardio, yoga or brisk walkHealthy-lifestyle-quotes-6

If you are not a gym freak, try going for walks instead. Even if that seems a little out-of-bounds for you, get comfortable in your couch or bed and do some breathing exercises. Your biggest enemy to a healthy lifestyle is a sedentary one. Try incorporating mobility in your day as much as you can by taking the stairs, walking to the market or even cooking your own meals.

Green tea


Tea has calming properties as compared to any other caffeinated drinks, especially green tea that is loaded with antioxidants which help keep diseases at bay and is a fool-proof requirement for healthy skin. Infact, 5-6 cups of green tea also helps in weight management.

Meditation and chantingHealthy-lifestyle-quotes-10

If you have never experienced the power of sounds, then let me tell you it has healing properties. The sounds that echoes through your body while chanting calms your nerves and soothes the mind, while making your brain more receptive.

Eating fresh and organicHealthy-lifestyle-quotes-d

Yes, fresh organic produce may not be the tastiest food available but it does leave your body feeling refreshed and energised, which is a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

Adequate amount of sleepHealthy-lifestyle-quotes-7

Your body as well as mind needs adequate rest to replenish itself. Sleeping for 7-8 hours daily is the bare minimum you can do for a healthy mind and body.

Lots of liquids to keep oneself hydrated and detoxedHealthy-lifestyle-quotes-5

With the amount of pollution and adulterated food we consume, it is impossible to keep your body toxin free without going that extra mile. Drink enough water to keep harmful toxins off your body.

Self pampering, mini trips and vacationsHealthy-lifestyle-quotes-8

Travelling, shopping, road trips, a visit to the parlour – these can have a very wonderful effect on every aspect of your life. After all, a happy mind is a healthy mind.

Have a glass of red wine or a peg of scotch whiskyHealthy-lifestyle-quotes-c

As astonished as you may be, studies prove that whisky has calming properties. While a lot of it can leave you in a groggy mess, having a small peg 2-3 times in a week is considered safe. Also, I don’t really need to emphasise on the advantages of quality red wine for your skin and heart.

Greeting and treating people with a smilehealthy-lifestyle-greet

It is rightly said, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. It relaxes the mind, boosts the immunity system, delights the heart, slows down heartbeat and breathing rate. Certainly one of the most important and easiest way to amp up your lifestyle to a healthy one!