June 17, 2017 – A day that I made a substantial decision of moving cities. I left my old life behind, friends behind (not the ones who really matter though), a comfortable job behind, but left with a lot of memories.

Bangalore has always been a preferred city to move, second being Chandigarh (so close to the mountains you see!). I was ecstatic to be back with my family, back to the streets where I spent 3 young years of my life. Met my old friends, went down nostalgic lanes, and also took up a full-time job at a company with one of the coolest work culture.

However, all did not go well with my skin and hair. The first week was fine, but soon after I had tiny breakouts and my hair started to feel rough and rigid. And by rigid I mean really rigid! It felt coarse to touch, there was no shine whatsoever, and a strong breeze would fly my hair at angles that, if clicked, would make it to being the most famous hair related memes. 😀

I tried a few home remedies to soften the mane, I applied store-bought hair masks, went for a mix of herbal and chemical treatments, but it all lasted for hardly a day and my hair would start feeling the same. No amount of using the mildest shampoo and the most softening conditioner helped much.

Maa, being a mom, suggested the good old oiling. I am not very fond of how hair oils smell, especially if I have to apply it overnight. So, I dodged the idea for as long as I could.

But I guess it was the calling. Hair&Care came out with their new hair oil variant – Hair&Care Fruit Oils. Skeptic at first, I tried the oil and trust me when I say this – it smells great! I tried Hair&Care Fruit Oils for about 2 weeks (5 applications overnight), and I did see a gradual change.

Hair&Care Fruit Oils review

Hair&Care Fruit Oils review

My hair feels much smoother to touch, there is a healthy shine, it does smell good since I use a mild, odourless shampoo, and on breezy days my hair comes back to where it belongs! While there may be many oils that do give the same effect, its the mildly lingering fruity smell that takes the cake. Infact, when keeping it overnight, it serves as aromatherapy to me. It is also very non-sticky and lightweight, thus not staining my pillow cover or making my face oily.

Looks like my #HappyHairDays with Hair&Care Fruit Oils are right around the corner!

To wrap up, here are a few quick hair care tips:

  1. Massage your scalp with just your fingertips. Don’t scratch it.
  2. Pulling you hair lightly after an oiling session helps bloodflow.
  3. Use a satin pillow cover to sleep on, while leaving your hair open to breathe.
  4. If tangled, start untangling from the tip, working your way up to the root. Never the other way round.
  5. Go for a trim every 3-4 months to get rid of the dead ends (I know I never follow that but one should).
  6. Don’t just oil the roots. Oil the whole length of the hair. Helps keep you hair soft.
  7. Try and use leave-in conditioners/serums over the wash-offs.
  8. Good sleep is very important for the hair. Use an oil that works through the night while smelling fresh. Hair&Care Fruit Oils is my go-to now on.

Life is Short.

Make each hair flip fabulous!