fardeen khan Body Shamed

The first thing I read as I logged in today on twitter as well as facebook was “Photos Surface of Actor Appearing to Have Gained Weight.”

fardeen khan body shamed

Twitter is filled with mean troll tweets like these!

Of course I do not need to emphasize how this is a classic case of Body Shaming.

I have never really been a fan of Fardeen Khan or his films, but that does not take away the fact that he was successful. I remember when I was younger, girls would swoon over him because of his seemingly fair skin and good looks with a toned body.

Now suddenly he grows fat, because of may be his age, or stress or whatsoever reason, but who cares?! All they see is a fat man worth laughing their ass off. Nothing seems worth in front of fardeen Khan body shamedhis big fat huge body with a double chin. Its a shame that some of the most followed news website are passing off comments like “With a double chin and a pot belly, Fardeen is all set to give some serious competition to Bappi Lahiri.”

Had this been a woman, a normal non-celebrity woman, there would be thousands of people screaming #StopBodyShaming. Remember the autorickshaw case or the Santa Cruz store case where the women were fatshamed and how every person on social media were so very enraged at the act? (Or may be they were just pretending to)! But here, because Fardeen Khan is a man who was famous, he is to be made the butt of all jokes!

So what he is a celebrity? So what he was a heartthrob? So what if he was MIA since 2010? Who are you to take away his independence of loving himself? Who are you to judge him or troll him? Who are you to treat him less than a thinner celebrity or in truer sense, a human?!

P.S We think he looks really cute!

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